Here Are Some Cute Ways To Display Your Relationship Timeline At Your Wedding!!

All of us have a love story ??be it a 'Love' or 'Arrange' wedding. So, displaying your love story in the venue decor, I guess is a very cute and imaginative idea. It not only adds a personal touch to the wedding decor but also let your guests know yo...Read More

Top 5 Conference Venues In Vile Parle East

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10 Simple Yet Elegant Manicures Ideas For Indian Brides!

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Top 5 Conference Venues In Malad

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Some Kickass Photobooth Ideas For Wedding

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Themes For Sangeet Ceremony

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Top Honeymoon Destinations Which Do Not Require A Visa!

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For Men - How Life Will Change After Marriage

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Expert Advice For Perfect Pictures This Wedding Season

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Dos And Don'ts - How To Choose The Right Wedding Venue For Your Destination Wedding

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Top 5 Conference Venues In Malad

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Christmas In India - Is The Season To Be Jolly

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Best 5 Conference Halls In Andheri for A Successful Conference

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10 Reasons You Should Travel To Gujarat For Makar Sankranti

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Five Must Try Wedding Decor Trends Everyone Should Think About

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Five Cuisines All Corporate Like To Have At Their Event

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Ever Thought Of A Corporate Ball The Victorian Style? Well, This Is What You Should Do...

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Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Event Manager

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Top 10 Wedding Venues In South Mumbai

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Top 10 Wedding Venues In Mumbai

Attention! Attention! Attention! To-be-brides and to-be-grooms of the Maximum City, Love is in the air and the wedding season is just around the corner....Read More

Top 10 Wedding Lawns In Mumbai

Wedding lawns:- The original marriage venue. Long before fancy banquet halls and opulent hotels took over the marriage industry, wedding lawns were the place to get married. The main advantage of an open lawn is the breathing space you and your guest...Read More

Top 7 Roof Top Wedding Venues In Mumbai

What could be better than a wedding in one of the most happening cities of the world? A rooftop wedding in the financial capital of this country, overlooking the hustle below you and having the mesmerising skyline stare back at you....Read More

Treat Your Guests With A Day Of Spa And Relaxation! An Idea To Make Your Wedding Memorable.

In the typical Indian mind, the word 'Wedding' is followed by tradition, culture, unification, happiness and exuberance. 'The Big Fat Indian Wedding' demands mammoth preparations and some corporate-styled planning with multiple contingency plans for ...Read More

Need An Emcee For Your Corporate Event? Why Search Outside.... You Will Find One In Your Own Department.

Kevin Hart, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, Jay Leno and countless others are strung together with a common string. They have mastered the art of hosting. You're guaranteed to have tonnes of entertainment if you're going to a cer...Read More

Celebrate Your Sweet Sixteen With A Fairytale Theme!

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10 Kinds Of Engagement Rings To Choose From

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10 Interesting Corporate Gifting Ideas For All Companies Big And Small

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10 Grooming Essential For The Bride And Groom To Be

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10 Eco-Friendly Return Gift Ideas For Every Birthday Party

90's was a great time to be alive and to grow up especially in India. The economy had just opened up, and foreign goods and money had begun to circulate in the country. Also with these goods, came Western culture and their customs and traditions. One...Read More

5 Places Near Mumbai For A Pre-wedding Shoot

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Five Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Company's Annual Or Foundation Day

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Planning an outdoor corporate event? These places are what you are looking for!

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Bridal Jewellery Goals - How To Pick The Right Jewellery?

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Best Places To Shop For Sherwanis In Mumbai

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Some Places You Must Know For Shopping Your Post-Wedding Dresses

Indian Wedding is a huge celebration. It has three main phases first is a pre-wedding period, the second is wedding itself, and the third is a post-wedding phase. Irrespective of the stage, you will always fret about how you'll manage stuff post marr...Read More

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

You have waited for this day too long. But now you are just a nervous little ball of wreck destroying anything that comes her way! The maid aunty, the driver uncle, your kaka, chachi, bua and you BFF's....Read More

Best Wedding Wear Shops In Mumbai For Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are one of the several girl friends of the bride, who accompanies her on the wedding day. She dons multiple roles of the shopping buddy, helper, makeup checker and most of all a dear friend to rely on always....Read More

Top 10 Places To Shop For Wedding Footwear In Mumbai

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Things To Do Before Your Wedding - The Countdown Begins

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Top Bridal Fashion Trends To Make You Look Stellar

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10 Fashion Tips Every Desi Bride Should Keep in Mind Before Her Wedding

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Stunning Indian Wedding Clothing Trends For Brides

When we are on our way to attend a wedding, we always wonder "what the bride is going to wear and how she is going to look", isn't it? The bride's wedding dress is a showstopper and the centre of attraction (sorry grooms), and this is the blatant rea...Read More

Best 5 Wedding Venues In Dadar For Unparalleled Wedding Experience

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9 Affordable Banquet Halls in Bhayandar, Thane for Grand Wedding Celebrations

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Elegant Wedding Venues in Bandra, Mumbai

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Top 10 Choreographers In Mumbai

So your wedding is coming up, and you've got two left feet? Don't worry help is at hand. Call in the choreographers! Yes, it has really become as simple as that these days. No more depending on cousins or friends to help you choreograph the dances....Read More

Best Wedding Lehenga Styles For Brides

If you thought Indian bridal lehengas are just about Red and Maroon, think again. The modern bride likes to take her own route and break the monotony of tried and tested lehenga colours. Say yes to peppy colours and all things jazzy. If you like to k...Read More

Top 10 Photographers In Mumbai

Good photography is more than just a great camera. When it comes to wedding photography, it is better not to cut corners. Hire a professional wedding photographer to capture those precious moments. A professional photographer knows how to get the per...Read More

Top 10 Decorators In Mumbai

Whatever the occasion, wouldn't you like your event to be beautiful. The visual appeal and display make a huge impact on your guests. The sight of your set or venue is the first impression you guests will have. The activities, music and cuisine follo...Read More

List Of Top 10 AC Banquet Halls In Thane

So you reside or work in Thane or for any other good reason, you want to host an event in Thane but are lost for want of a list of good locations. Well, you have landed on the right page. Our team at HamaraEvent has compiled a list of top AC banquet ...Read More

Best Pre-Wedding Salons And Spas In Mumbai

It is every bride's secret desire to look most beautiful on her special day, isn't it? Beautiful and radiant skin don't turn up overnight. You need to take up some effort to flaunt your best. Amidst all the wedding planning frenzy, don't overlook yo...Read More

Some Gorgeous Indian Bridal Hairstyles Every Bride Must Check

What will contribute mainly to give you the heavenly bridal look on your wedding day? Of course, the gorgeous hairstyle can make you extravagantly beautiful and graceful. A bride should be very careful while choosing her hairstyle. Think through the ...Read More

The Modern Indian Wedding Loves Luxurious Floral Arrangements!

The new-age couple wants something more, and at their wedding, they don't mind splurging a little over the top to make their big day a memorable one. The big fat Indian wedding, as we all know about these days is a vibrant saga spanning over a week o...Read More

Quirky Ideas For Decor And Exotic Theme Embellishments At Indian Wedding Venues

You know what we love about Indian weddings these days? It is not about the loud music, the games at the weddings or even the colorful fancy clothing and the delicious spread of food - we love the quirky ideas for decor and theme embellishments at In...Read More

Seven Gorgeous Indian Wedding Hair Updos And Hairstyles For The New-Age Indian Bride

All eyes are going to be on you, yes you dear bride-to-be, at your wedding. From the clothing style to the shoes, makeup and the mehendi, and the way you doll up your lovely hair too - everyone would be watching your sense of fashion. So if you want ...Read More

Indian Bridal Attire Look Book - Different Types Of Bridal Attires

Are you sifting through endless fashion magazines and web pages to find that perfect one? We are referring to that perfect wedding outfit, not your dream man here. Because let's face it, once you find our soul mate and get hitched, the hunt is on for...Read More

Dressing Up Plump Arms The Right Way At Your Wedding

With the bridal season knocking, our designers are busy as the bees churning out the chicest of bridal haute couture and reception pret-a-porter lines. With that being said and keeping in mind the hullabaloo of the Big Fat Indian Wedding, do you thin...Read More

Super Innovative Bride Entry Ideas for The Reception That'll Wow Your Guests

Have a little more fun at your own wedding, and this time show them what a quirky bride you are. Today we shall speak about the various ways you can make an astounding entry at your wedding....Read More

Sensual Ways To Look Slim In Your Bridal Attire At Your Wedding

We would like to begin by saying 'Everybody is a beautiful body,' period. And to make even the curviest of the Indian female body look sensual and mesmerising in wedding attire is our aim. We need to celebrate curves and flaunt our sassy selves the r...Read More

Have You Finalised The Mandap Decor Yet? Here's A Heads Up

Bollywood is for inspiration, especially when it comes to checking out the myriad range and themes of weddings they show. And if that's not all, the various haute touches of the Bollywood weddings (real and reel) strike a chord quite emotional with o...Read More

Make Your Bridal Shopping Easy With These Seven Ways - Number 6 Is The Easiest!

You have a few more weeks left before you get hitched. And it is an emotional roller coaster already. Too many things to do, listen to, adhere to and many people with plenty of opinions on you; phew! It can take a toll on you. This is why; we want to...Read More

Make The First Dance a Memorable One By These Seven Exquisite Ways

Nothing makes the bride happier than watching her man shake a leg at the wedding, and in style that too. And the same goes for a groom that loves to jig and jive; he would surely want the first dance with his wife to be the most memorable one....Read More

Listen Up Boys, Here Are Sure Shot Ways To Win Your Bride's Heart On D-Day

It is your day of the wedding; a time when you have transitioned from being a boy to a man according to societal norms. This means, you now have a life partner to care for, and to pamper....Read More

10 Fantastic Ideas For Indian Grooms To Make A Grand Entry In Their Wedding

It is now time for the baraat from the boy's side to make a special entry at the wedding. More than just sitting on a horse or coming by car, the baraat along with the groom has to make an appearance pretty unique and impressive....Read More

Heavy Breasts? Lehenga Stitching Tips For The Busty Woman Revealed

It is a curse and a blessing to have large breasts. While some women look amazing in large bust lines, others find it hard to camouflage the same, especially when wearing their bridal lehengas. We are all for embracing and celebrating your curves, bu...Read More

Have A Wedding In A Small Banquet? Here Are Tips To Make It Look Grand & Large

Not everyone would have a large wedding, and many guests to cater too, and that is perfectly alright. A wedding is a union of two souls, and the celebration there of shouldn't cease to exist. So what if the wedding is small and in a cozy, nice banque...Read More

For Picture Perfect Memories: Smile And Pose Like Celebs At Your Own Wedding With These Tips

It's your wedding day; a day when all eyes would be on you and him, and you don't want anything stealing your thunder today. This is why, you need to be at your best. However, when most couples look back at their wedding photo albums, they aren't hap...Read More

Getting Everyone To The Wedding Venue Made Easy! Transportation Tips For The Wedding

Your own parents, your in-laws, chachas and chachis, mausas and mausis, aunties and uncles with their jingbang of nieces and nephews, your close friends and colleagues, dignified guests and VIP attendees to the wedding, and just about anyone attendin...Read More

Bridal Makeup Checklist You Cannot IGNORE! Seven Very Important Things You Should Have In Your Purse

So it's the wedding day, and your gal pals are around you to help make this day the best and the brightest; most memorable for you. The 'aww' moment for sure, with plenty of emotions running amok and the moment when you would be tying the knot with y...Read More

Be Your Curviest Best And Dress Your Heavy Butts Aesthetically

There was a time when being skinny or reed thin was in. Not anymore, and certainly not for the shapely huggable Indian body, where women are known to embrace bigger thighs and wider hips. And if that was not all, it is now the era of the bigger booty...Read More

A Wedding E-Invite! Is It Enough To Announce The Date? Here's the Scoop

While we traditionally would go to the attendees house and greet them when handing out the wedding invites, the new-age couple thinks different. Etiquette says, one has to be kind to one another when handing out invites, but with the fast paced rat l...Read More

A Complete Checklist On Choosing A Reputed Wedding Planner

It is a flush of joy to announce your engagement to the nearest and dearest ones, and a time when you would also start looking around for all the help you can get to make this wedding a success. There would be plenty of opinions thrown at you; checkl...Read More

10 Unique Ways To Thank Your Near And Dear Ones For Helping Out At Your Wedding

With the big fat Indian wedding, there comes around a lot of responsibilities to shoulder. It is not just about the union of two souls, but of two families that lose plenty of sleep getting everything in place. They make sure that your bridal appoint...Read More

10 Things You Can Give Your Groom On the Wedding Day [Number Five Will Take His Breath Away]

It is not only that the wife gets something unique and as a surprise on the wedding day or night from her man, the groom gets something special too. If you are getting married anytime soon and would want quirky and nice gifting ideas that would take ...Read More

Bridal Checklist: Wedding Hair Dos and Dont's [Don't Shampoo Your Hair On D-Day]

There are many things that go into the making of the ideal desi Indian bride. From the perfect bridal wear to her makeup and shoes, and the hair too, she has got to have it all to the tee and in perfection that too. Whilst you are busy looking around...Read More

5 Best Banquet Halls In Bandra, Mumbai

The wedding is coming up soon, and you need a banquet hall in Bandra! What is the best one can do in such a situation? Where is the list of best banquet halls in Bandra? Moreover, how do you shortlist from the multiple venues listed in the search sit...Read More

Top 10 Locations In Mumbai For Pre-wedding Shoots

Pre-wedding shoots have become the trend now. Couples choose their favorite spots, ones that have become their regular hang out spots, or are rare but hold special memories. Weddings get too filled up with rituals, people and other things for you fo...Read More

Top 10 Makeup Artists In Mumbai

Special occasions call for special makeup. Whether it is Sangeet function, engagement ceremony, mehendi function, wedding or even a corporate party, one can use the services of a good makeup artist. Grooming has always beena very essential part of p...Read More

Top 10 Bridal Mehendi Artists In Mumbai

It is that time of your life when your mehendi will be more special than any of the other times that you apply it. Hence you will need special attention and artistic hands to create a beautiful, memorable design on your hands. You may have certain id...Read More

Top 12 Wedding Planners In Mumbai

You must have seen how in the past the entire family would get together in organizing a wedding in the family. The elders would plan, and everyone would be allocated specific tasks to carry out. It would be a complete buzz of activity and tension unt...Read More

Top 10 Best Caterers In Mumbai

Food! How important is that? More than you can put in words. More so, when it comes to wedding functions and parties. When you think of organizing an event, it is always the venue and the menu that takesa foremost place in theorder of relevance. The ...Read More

List Of Top 10 Conference Halls In Mumbai

Choosing the right conference hall is a challenging task. There are many factors to consider when selecting a venue for your conference. You could have delegates flying in from all over hence the venue should be easily accessible. Once youshort...Read More

Top 10 DJs in Mumbai

Music forms a crucial aspect of event planning as it has a huge bearing on the success or failure of the event. Especially if it is such an event as the Sangeet function, which solely revolves around music. Events like award functions, weddings, b...Read More

Ideal Wedding Venue Checklist

Wedding is the most important event of the life of the bride and the bridegroom. It is also a very important event for the families and the friends of the, to be married couple. Venue of the wedding is very important to ensure the smooth conduct of a...Read More

Fun Ways To Internally Advertise Your Company's Events

The stage is all set, the drums roll, the curtain rises, and the master of the ceremony walks in ready to take charge and declare "It's show time folks." A big thunder of a clap is expected. Alas! There is only the slight sound of a few people clappi...Read More

Unique New Year Resolutions

New Year is the time of looking back on the past year. Recounting good and times with friends and family. A time to think about the mistakes that may have happened, a time of reconciling with old buddies, and more than anything the New Year is a time...Read More

Wedding Of Dinesh Karthik And Dipika Pallikal

Indian batsman cum wicket-keeper Dinesh Karthik and the nation's top-ranked squash player Dipika Pallikal tied the knot for the first time of their two wedding ceremonies on August 18. Dipika belongs to a Christian family and a ceremony as per the re...Read More

Unique Nuptial Photo Shoot Ideas For The Bride And Groom To Be

Apart from your grand wedding venue, and your overflowing guest list, if there's one thing that need not be overlook on your wedding day, is your wedding photos! They are what you will have to treasure many years long after the wedding bells have sto...Read More

A Simple Menu For A Simple Birthday Party

Every party, big or small, has certain highlighting points. A lavish venue, innovative decorations, flawless event management, good music, etc., could be some of them. It is said that the most important people in any party or celebration are the gues...Read More

Great Venues For Events In Mumbai - Think Big - Think Different

"I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." ...Read More

Things Every Bride Needs To Be Aware Of Before Her Wedding Night

You are finally married to your loved one and all set to start a new life. Your very first wedding night can seem to be awfully awkward, especially if yours is an arranged marriage. It is a night with mixed feelings of nervousness and also a whole lo...Read More

Bridal Jewellery Shops That Are Must Visit In Mumbai

Jewellery is a significant aspect of your bridal attire and can make or break your bridal look. So, make sure that you choose the right accessories and jewellery that perfectly complements your attire. Once you have decided upon your bridal attires,n...Read More

Top 10 Bridal Lehenga & Bridal Wear Shops In Mumbai

Every bride to be has a secret desire to flaunt the best lehenga on her wedding day. There are probably millions of lehenga designs and styles that you can choose from. Setting out on the task to purchase your bridal lehenga is not a cakewalk....Read More

Different Types Of Indian Bridal Jewellery That Every Bride-To-Be Must Know

They say that Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique. It is indeed one of the most prized possessions of every Indian Bride. You can never say no to jewellery, can you? For some of us, our mother, grandmo...Read More

10 Tips To Make The Bride Look Drop Dead Gorgeous On The Wedding Day

You are engaged - Now its officially time to jump start your daily beauty regime and get prepared for the big day. After all, you are the bride, and you need to look your glowing best. You would always envisioned a fairytale wedding with a drop dead ...Read More

10 Workouts Every Bride Should Do Before Her Wedding to Get A Perfect Body

Wedding bells are ringing, and your wedding is right around the corner. Before you know it you will be tying the knot with your loved one and be ready to start your new life. At your big day, all eyes will be on you, and you need to be well-prepared ...Read More

10 Effective Ways To Keep Your In-Laws Happy

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Wedding Night Checklist

Yes, it is finally happening. After months of running around and planning, your big day is finally going to arrive. Your dream is going to turn into reality. Of course, you might still not believe that the day has arrived, but face it. The countdown ...Read More

Best Yoga Exercises To Lose Weight And Look Gorgeous On Your Wedding

He took you by a big surprise and popped the big question. You are engaged to get married to your loved one and blooming with happiness. Along all the excitement, there are also the great wedding woes that come after your engagement. All the planning...Read More

10 Stunning Accessories That Are A Must Have For Any Bride

The big fat Indian wedding is filled with loads of bling and glitter. You may have chosen the perfect wedding attire and are finally ready with your perfect bridal look. However, you can enhance your look even more with the right mix of accessories t...Read More

10 Tips To Lose Weight Before Your Wedding

Wedding provides all brides the motivation to get serious about weight loss. The dress, photos, honeymoon and much more gives you the jitters, isn't it? You are spending so much money on the event, and you need to look the absolute best on your day. ...Read More

Creative Ways To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversaries are the most exciting days after your wedding. It's not just a day of your wedding, it's a day where two hearts got one, it's a day when you found the better half of yourself, it is the day when two souls promised each other the...Read More

What To Wear To An Indian Wedding

Indian Weddings are the most fun part of our life. They are full of colors, joy, fun, enjoyment, love, care and bonding. Most of us love to attend wedding ceremonies and meeting our relatives, friends, late night gossips and a lot more....Read More

Types Of Girls You Will Run Into If You Are Going For An Arranged Marriage

Wedding, it is not just an event of two days, where you invite your family and friends and serve them a delicious dish in the dinner. It is much more than what we even know about it....Read More

Most Expensive Bollywoood Celebrity Engagement Rings

Engagement and Wedding may be a big event for the guests and the family members, but for the couple, it's not just the event, it's a time to build up memories to cherish for the rest of the life....Read More

An Essential Guide To Picking The Perfect Bridal Jewellery

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How To Plan A Bachelor Party?

Weddings are an excuse to have fun, to frolic and forget all about the daily stress while rejoicing with the couple to be wedded. An Indian wedding is generally a week long affair! From Sangeet and Mehendi to the final wedding day, it involves numero...Read More

Bridal Shopping - How To Ensure You DON'T Get Fleeced At A Bridal Wear Store

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10 Uber - Luxurious Banquet Halls In Mumbai

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10 Popular Venues In Mumbai To Host A Bachelor Party

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10 Luxurious And Most Expensive Wedding Venues In Mumbai

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10 Best Wedding Grounds In Mumbai

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10 Points To Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Planner

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Choreographers - A Must Have For Sangeet Function

Indian weddings have always been known for their grandeur and festive-like appeal. Weddings in India, these days, do not have their meaning confined to the 'saat-pheras' alone. But, are an exciting and colourful blend of the numerous fun-filled activ...Read More

10 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Venue

A wedding is a once in a lifetime affair that is meant to be full of celebrations and life. It is a celebration to appreciate the union of two souls and, in turn, two families uniting together for the rest of their lives. It is an occasion to creat...Read More

How To Plan An Affordable Destination Wedding

These days weddings are not just about basic 'sathpheras' the boring reception dinners held after. But they are all about fun-filled activities, weird but funny as well as entertaining themes, and more importantly about spreading your love around you...Read More

Must Have Things On Your Bridal Shopping Checklist

'D' day, accept it or not, comes with its own amount of hassles! From managing your hair to your clothes and shoes, and not forgetting the minute details like your nails and your skincare! We girls want every little thing to be perfect, and if it's ...Read More

Top Benefits Of Booking A Banquet Hall For All Your Intimate Events

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Ultimate Guide To Indian Wedding Traditions

Indian weddings are famous all over the world for their beautiful traditions, cultural rituals and the grandeur with which they are celebrated. India in itself is a land of great cultural and religious diversities. Each culture has varied wedding tra...Read More

Sambhavna Seth And Avinash Dwivedi's Wedding

This monsoon it is the wedding season for our telly world. Here, after Divek's wedding, we have another wedding in our telly world. Another, TV actress has decided to take a step ahead and start a new phase of life. Yes! You got us right! We are talk...Read More

Sambhavna Seth's Gorgeous Pictures Of Wedding Mehendi Function

Few days back, on 13th July 2016, there was the Mehendi Ceremony of the bold and beautiful actress, Sambhavna Seth, a Bhojpuri actress and contestant of Bigg Boss. The diva as we all know got married to her long-time boyfriend, Avinash Dwivedi. And h...Read More

Sambhavna Seth And Avinash Dwivedi's Pre-Wedding Shoot Was Absolutely Phenomenal!

After Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya's wedding, here we have another TV actress who got hitched recently. Ya! You have got us right! We are talking about Sambhavna Seth. You all know, Sambhavna Seth, ...Read More

Having A Strict Budget For Your Corporate Event? Tips To Cut Down Your Cost A Little

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How To Involve Your Employees In Planning Of Your Corporate Event

For every company, big or small immaterial, corporate events are treated as important landmarks of their achievement. They are judged in the industry on the execution of these all-important events. Every event organizer and event manager has to face ...Read More

Divyanka Tripathi's And Vivek Dahiya's Aka Divek's Big Fat Indian Wedding

After giving you the details about their Mehendi and Sangeet Ceremony, here we are with the details about their wedding. I must say, they had a big fat Indian wedding. All the function, starting from their engagement to wedding, every occasion was a ...Read More

Rocking Sangeet Ceremony Of Divyanka Tripathi And Vivek Dahiya

So here, we bring to you some of the hottest news and pictures from the biggest Shaadi of the year in the Indian telly world. I am sure your excitement was as high as theirs, as it was none other than your favorite TV actors Divyanka Tripathi and Viv...Read More

Divyanka Tripathi's Mehendi Was Simply Mind-Blowing, Designs That You Might Have Never Seen Before!

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Preity Zinta And Gene Goodenough's Grand Wedding Reception

Still, we haven't came over Bipasha and karan's wedding celebration fever, and here we have another big fat Bollywood wedding reception. Another Bollywood actress got hitched, and her wedding reception was grand, in which all the big stars of the ind...Read More

20 Amazing Bridal Mehendi Designs

Mehendi has a history dating back to more than 5000 years. Over the years, it has evolved into a very commonly used form of adorning oneself mostly in the Asian countries. Nowadays mehendi application has become widely accepted even in other countrie...Read More

What Questions Should a Boy and Girl Ask Each Other on Their First Arranged Marriage Meeting?

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Top 10 Tips For Planning A Successful Sangeet

Till some time back, the Sangeet function was meant only for the ladies. It was all about celebrating with the bride. This function is associated with music and dance, teasing and fun, revelry and good food. Off late the concept has seen a change wit...Read More

How To Save On Wedding Food

Is your wedding around the corner? One cannot deny that weddings usually call for major expenses. If you have calculated the expenses, you will learn that the food and catering forms a huge part of that expense. Surely most of you must be thinking of...Read More

Shopping Checklist For The Groom

With all the hype about wedding shopping, focused only on the bride, who would think the groom has equal apprehensions about his shopping. Although his shopping list may not be as extensive the bride's, it nevertheless contains items of relevance tha...Read More

The Monsoon Wedding Venue Tips

So you got your wedding date fixed for the monsoon month. How does it go from here? How do you want your wedding to be? Will the monsoons allow for your wedding to turn out like everything you envisioned it to be? Well, if you love the rains, no prob...Read More

Tips For Planning A Memorable Monsoon Wedding

Monsoons are such a romantic season and to get married during the rains can be a dream come true for some. Just imagine the cool weather, sound of rain drops, the smell of wet earth and your loved one by your side. While a monsoon wedding can be a dr...Read More

The Ultimate Destination Wedding Checklist

Destination weddings are trending these days with more and more couples opting for a 'different' venues for weddings. Who wouldn't want a romantic and super fun wedding at a great location? Images of beautiful destination weddings, happy couples and ...Read More

10 Bachelor Party Themes In India

The wedding has been fixed and arrangements are on in full swing for the upcoming functions. Many a groom is known to have developed cold feet just before his wedding, a love marriage notwithstanding. Spending some time with friends helps overcome al...Read More

Entertainment Ideas For A Fun Sangeet

Sangeet is the most fun part of Indian weddings. The family, friends, and guests look forward to having a great time. Being less rigid about rituals as compared to the wedding ceremony, this function can have entertainment of various natures. As is t...Read More

Top 10 Best Wedding Venues In Goa

Goa! One of our top favorites for destination weddings! I'm sure it figures on most of your lists too. Who wouldn't love the vibrant mix of old world architecture and sun-kissed beaches, luxury resorts and simple retreats, grand cruises, and beautifu...Read More

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Wedding Makeup Artist

Oops! Is one word you would just not want to hear from your makeup artist on your wedding day. We understand how important it is to look perfect on your wedding day. No room for mistakes. Especially not with your make up as the tiniest of flaws will ...Read More

20 Bridal Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

Making the myriad decisions before your wedding is such a difficult task. Firstly saying ' I Do' was such a big decision, but the other little things that you need to decide on are not really that little. For example, your wedding theme, design of yo...Read More

Top 10 Open Air Venues In Mumbai

Did you promise her the stars or the Moon? Well, here is an option to keep your promise and still not make a hole in your pockets. Get married under the open skies with the blanket of twinkling stars above! In Mumbai? You may ask where there is alw...Read More

Creative And Unique Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding invitations are increasingly becoming creative and quirky as the new generation is breaking away from the stereotypical wedding invite. The possibilities of personalizing the wedding right from the wedding invite to the venue and the theme al...Read More

10 Best Venues To Host Your Sangeet Ceremony In Mumbai

The concept of dreamy weddings, prince charming, true love and happily ever after is not just applicable to fairy tales. An Indian wedding ceremony is larger than life and epitomizes our rich culture and festivity. Indian weddings are elaborate an...Read More

10 Best Wedding Banquet Halls In Mumbai Serving Non-Vegetarian Food

Indian weddings are elaborate celebrations full of festive colors and fun. The most important part of the celebration is definitely the food. The food you serve the guests is going to create that long-standing impression. A popular saying point out t...Read More

Planning An Indian Wedding - A Complete Guide Book

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Top 10 Trendy Banquets Halls In Borivali And Kandivali locations Of Mumbai

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Best Wedding Venues In Juhu, Mumbai

Juhu, a well-known area, is famous for its sprawling beach and is known as one of the most stylish suburbs of Mumbai. The area is well-connected to Western as well as Harbour line, which makes the area easily accessible. Juhu, Vile Parle West, Mumbai...Read More

Best Banquet Halls In Powai, Mumbai To Host Your Awesome Event

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Popular Banquet Halls In Andheri, Mumbai

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Outdoor Wedding Catering Ideas

How many of you agree that one feels a sense of freedom when eating in the open air? Some of you, of course, would find the idea unappetising. Well, opinions differ but outdoor catering is becoming very popular these days. It is one thing to eat in a...Read More

Seasonal Colour Trends In Indian Weddings

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Top 10 Team Building Activities

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Tips To Find The Best Banquet Halls In Mumbai

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Do's And Don'ts For Summer Weddings

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10 Best Locations In Mumbai For Hosting Boat Parties

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10 Best Pool Party Venues In Mumbai

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10 Vital Questions To Ask While Selecting A Conference Venue

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5 Ways To Save Money On Catering Without Looking Cheap

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5 Amazing Ways For Hosting An Economical Holiday Corporate Party

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Tips To Make Your Wedding Functions Memorable With A DJ

No one wants to throw a total snooze-fest wedding or bore their guests to tears. "Music" is to the soul what words are to the mind." - Modest Mouse. Well, we are all for the fact that it's Your wedding day, and you want it to go exactly as you wish, ...Read More

Top Venues In Mumbai For Hosting Corporate Events

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Why Opting For A Wedding Planner Is A Smart Choice

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10 Corporate Event-Planning Issues And How To Avoid Them

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Wedding Makeup Trends

You are the beautiful bride. It is your special day, and all eyes will be on you. So, it's imperative that you look extra special that day. In order to look your best, pay special attention to the makeup that will make you look flawless. ...Read More

5 Reasons Why It Is Crucial To Hire A Photographer For Your Wedding

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How To Plan The Perfect Corporate Party - The Ultimate Checklist

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Top 10 Inter Religion Bollywood Celebrity Marriages

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10 Most Lavish And Alluring Bollywood Weddings Of All Time

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10 Most Innovative And Interesting Wedding Invites Of Famous Bollywood Celebrity Couples

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Top 5 Most-Sought After Bollywood Wedding Lehengas

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Finally! Here Are All The Pictures From Bipasha Basu And Karan Singh Grover's Wedding Ceremony!

The Bong beauty Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover's wedding was truly a dreamy affair. You have seen that how our timeline went crazy with all the details of Bipasha Basu's wedding. The wedding was so Candid, happy and crazy wedding; we were quite ...Read More

Bipasha Basu & Karan Singh Grover's Honeymoon Pictures Are Just Too Cute And Endearing!

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