1: How do I book a venue for an event ?

You can select the venue you want to book for your event. Once you have selected a venue from our website you can send an email at info@hamaraevent.com or call our team on +91 9699127217.

2: How soon do I have to confirm the booking ?

All venues are available on a first come, first serve basis. No booking is confirmed by the venue till an advance is paid. Thus, we advise our customers to confirm a booking as soon as they find their perfect choice.

3: What if the venue I want for my event is not listed on the website ?

There is no reason to worry for you, if your preferred venue is not listed on the website, as we will still help you with booking the venue at the best price.?

4: Are there any booking charges ?

Services offered by us are totally free.

5: Who do I pay - HamaraEvent or the venue directly ?

All payments are made directly to the venue. But a HamaraEvent representative assists you till the deal is sealed, to ensure the best of price & service.

6: Can I visit the venue before booking the venue for my event ?

Yes, you can visit the venue. We will inform the manager of your visit and will show you the venue for your event.?

7: What is the cancellation policy ?

The Cancellation policy is defined by respective banquet halls and will depend on the terms and conditions of that banquet hall.