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3.4 Out of 5

Based on 46 rating

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Excellent place! I had the opportunity to experience a 3 day stay at Palms Hotel & Convention Centre, thanks to a conference I had to attend in the city. The conference ended with a day spent on the golf course. Luxurious amenities and satisfactory services. I would love to return to this venue again.


I was part of the organizing committee for a corporate exhibition some time back. The venue was the Exhibition Centre at the Palms Hotel & Convention Centre. Considering the scale of the event and that I was not very experienced at this kind of task, I was expecting hurdles. However, the venue provided all support in terms of operational show management, catering, audiovisual, technical services, utility services, security and cleaning and the event was a success. Thanks to the support at The Palm Hotel.

Rinkal Shah

When we were looking for marriage halls in Mumbai, it was tough to make a decision. Of the many that met our budget, this one seemed to be the best as they had plenty space, good facilities and we were impressed by the feedback from previous couples who had their weddings there. Our wedding took place on a Sunday, and everyone on our guest list attended. The team of Landmark Marriage and Party Hall managed everything well.

Mansi Khedekar

A very good wedding venue in Mumbai. We chose Pathare Prabhu Banquet Hall for my uncles wedding and weren’t disappointed. It is quite spacious and they decorated it beautifully. They have in-house vendors so you are saved the task of finding a caterer or decorator and event managers. All our guests loved the food and the décor. Moreover it fits into an economical budget quite easily.

Bhumika Shah

Nice place for conferences, meeting, training, etc. Quite serene and quiet. Service is friendly and facilities adequate. Our company recently conducted a meeting with some of our clients at Lobead Morello. All went well, thanks to the cooperative staff on hand. Also, the place is value for money.

Amruta Sharma

Fully equipped for any function, corporate events, and parties, MG Banquets was quite gracious in accommodating our guests at our reception party. Their event planners helped us to plan a fun and entertaining evening. We opted for the Indian and Chinese menu. No complaints at all. The banquet hall was full and buzzing.

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